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I was born in Buenos Aires, in a family that breathed art, photograph and film.

Lic in Advertising by profession, I always felt that my life story was going to be different.

In 2007, I entered the Photography School Andy Golstein where my the path to the world of images started.

I was not able to continue my studies, until 3 years later, twins in the middles,  when I entered the Workshop of Patricia Cazes and Eleonora Tarigo and since then I continue to learn and evolve until today.

By those days, I did began my journey through the images.

According to Henri Cartier Bressson "photographing is placing the head, the eye and the heart on the same axis" and I would add with all due respect "to be able to transmit feelings and thoughts that sometimes are impossible to describe.

Today I continue discovering new forms of expression through the wonderful world of photography.

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